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Finally Know Where Your Time is Really Going,  How to Set Your Base Price to Be Profitable & How Many Clients You Need to Reach Your Income Goal

While your web design & SEO pricing needs to be based on value, not hours, you must know the real number of hours you are spending on projects (& not just what you are billing for).

This is why you are working hard but still feeling like you're not getting paid enough for your time.

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The Auto-Calculating Web Design & SEO Project Pricing Calculator...

Breaking Down The 10 Phases of Every Web Design and SEO Project

#1 Business Expenses

First, you need to know what money is going out and make sure the costs help you generate more revenue.

#2 Web Design Tasks

Adjust your current (& desired) hourly rate, calculate the cost of your actual time in 10 project phases to set your base price.

#3 SEO Phases & Tasks

Start accounting for every step in the 10 phases of a web design project so you charge for the entire cost of a project.

#4 Pricing Breakdown

See your base price, expenses and profit margin in one view. Explore additional considerations to your pricing.

#5 How Many Monthly Clients

Based on your calculated numbers, see how many clients you need to reach your desired income number.

🖩 How Will This Help Me?

Great question! Here are the biggest ways this will impact how you do business moving forward...{

⭐ You'll see just how much money you are losing from tasks that you are not quoting for.

⭐ Ensure you are calculating the time investment for helping clients grow their business with specific tasks within the 10 phases of a web design or SEO project including pre and post project tasks and tasks that generate real results for clients.

⭐ As you'll come to see a breakdown of your time through the project phases, you'll see where you spend the most time. Seeing this will help you identify where you are spending the most time so you can make sure your time is spent on revenue generating tasks, determine a plan to become more efficient and / or outsource those tasks that would allow you to focus on the most important tasks.

⭐ Understanding how many clients you actually need to hit your income goals (it's usually a lot less than you think).

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